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Resultado de imagem para entendeu direito ou quer que desenhe pdf download gratis. More information. More information. Resultado de imagem para estado. Resultado de imagem para entendeu direito ou quer que desenhe pdf download gratis. LeisDownloadLaw schoolSharpiesPortuguese1st GradesWreaths. Mapas Mentais -Direito Administrativo - Ponto dos bevitopipen.tk Uploaded by izaelle E-Book Entendeu Direito Ou Quer Que Eu Desenhe. Uploaded by.

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Entendeu Direito Ou Quer Que Desenhe Pdf

Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content .. entendeu direito ou quer que desenhe - ÓRGÃO bevitopipen.tk Uploaded by. ENTENDEU DIREITO OU QUER QUE DESENHE???: SEGURANÇA PÚBLICA - ARTIGO This mode is heuristic (also called peripheral) processing during which evaluation is made of the direito sumular tst esquematizado pdf credibility, level of.

If a queen of ab mates with 4 drones each with a different genotype a, b, c, d, e. These crosses would make haploid a or b as well as equal proportions of diploid aa ba ac bc ad bd ae be. The homozygous bees are males and get eaten by workers. This produces stronger populations as less bees get eaten. Therefore, brood pattern and population have a direct relationship between the number of sex alleles. The more dornes the queen mates with, the higher the probability of more sex alleles and the better chances of uniform brood patterns Mating System and Fertilization of Eggs After a queen emerges, she spends a few days inside her hive and makes one or more mating flights later on. The queen mates with up to 40 drones in mating flights and a portion of semen from all the drones she mates with is stored in the spermatheca inside her abdomen. The spermatheca mixes the sperm with the eggs. Since the sperm is mixed inside the queen, colonies are made of groups of subfamilies of half sister workers. Genetic Relationships Because the queen lays eggs that are fertilized by sperm cells from all of the males she mated with, a family is composed by subfamilies of half sisters each with a different father who mated with the queen. The workers of a subfamily share all of their genes coming from the father because sperm cells from drones are identical.

Since the sperm is mixed inside the queen, colonies are made of groups of subfamilies of half sister workers. Genetic Relationships Because the queen lays eggs that are fertilized by sperm cells from all of the males she mated with, a family is composed by subfamilies of half sisters each with a different father who mated with the queen. The workers of a subfamily share all of their genes coming from the father because sperm cells from drones are identical.

They only share half from the mother because chromosomes recombine when ovules are formed. The high relationship of super sisters predispose for social behavior because workers gain more in terms of passing their genes onto the next generation by caring for their super sister rather than their own offspring.

Workers will even feed their super sisters more than their half sisters. Workers of different subfamilies tend to specialize in different tasks. One subfamily of bees may be better suited fro defence whereas others are better at foraging. Workers of different subfamilies vary in response thresholds for stimuli.

Workers with higher stimulus to things respond faster to the stimuli. Unit 6 Races and Strains of Honey Bees Race means subspecies, whereas strain is a bee genotype within a subspecies Most species are in southern Asia which suggests Asian origin, but genomic study points to African origin. Races subspecies of Honey Bees Races are genetically distinct populations of bees that interbreed with the same species.

Bees of different subspecies can mate and produce offspring, even when they have diversified and acquired particular distinct traits, the degree of change is not enough to separate them from other subspecies or races. Honeybee races are also called ecotypes or geographic races because they have evolved in geographic isolation in different climates and regions of the world.

They have adapted to their environments and developed traits through natural selection. There are more than 40 subspecies of A. There is considerable interbreeding among bees German Bees Apis mellifera mellifera, is a black bee that originated in northern Europe and was the first honey bee introduced to north America.

Good honey producers and overwinter well Disadvantages include their high defenciveness and susceptibility to diseases Apis mellifera carnica, is a grey bee that originated in the Balkans. Their gentle, good overwintering ability, efficient use of food resources, resistant to disease, and have rapid spring population growth. Disadvantagesinclude high tendancy to swarm.

Caucasian Bees Apis mellifera caucasia is a dark bee with grey body hairs that originated in the Russian Caucasus and near the black sea. Calm on the comb, overwinter well and are efficient in the use of food reserves.

Disadvantages are their robbing behavior tendency and their excessive use of propolis Apis mellifera ligustica is a yellow-brown bee with black stripes that originate in Southern Italy.

Good honey production, resistance to diseases, acceptable temper, low swarming and good overwinter ability. Disadvantages include their inefficient use of food reserves, and tendency to rob other colonies Strains of Honey Bees Strains are closely related families of bees from a particular race. Artificially bred to fix certain traits in the population ie hygienic behavior which provides resistance to diseases Hybrid Bees Made from crossing bee races or bee strains to take advantage of heterosis or hybrid vigour.

Hybrids perform better than their parents Its difficult to continuously produce hybrids of1 first generation which are required to sustain the expression of heterotic effects.

Unit 7: Beekeeping: Whats Needed? Management and Protective Equipment Equipment include, a smoker and a hive tool, and some protection against bee stings. Smokers pacify bees. They are filled with different types of fuels or woodshavings. The hive tool is made of steel and is used to separate the different parts of the hive because bees glue them with propolis. This tool is needed to assess the condition of the hive in terms of food reserves, population, absence of bee disease, presence of queen etc.

All hives in North America are based on the Langstroth th hive, which is composed of boxes with frames designed to allow almost 1cm of bee space between combs.

Parts include from bottom to top : Bottom board base , brood chamber with frames and foundation , queen excluder, supers with frames and foundation , inner cover and outer cover. The brood chamber is used to rear brood and store food, whereas the supers are meant to store the honey for the beekeeper to harvest.

The queen excluder, is a screen that restrains the queen to the lower box, so she doesnt lays eggs in the honey combs in supers. Workers can pass through the queen excluder but queens are too big.

The foundation is a plastic or beeswax sheet with worker-size hexagonal cells engraved on both sides of it, and serves to guide for the bees to draw comb Brood chambers and supers hold between frames containing foundation or drawn comb.

Attendance management system project pdf

The inner and outer covers provide insulation and protection form the environment to the colony. The Bees The bees can acquired from a bee supply dealer or can be captured ie swarms Bees can be downloadd in units called packages, nucleus colonies or established colonies Package bees consist of a queen and about lbs of bees in a screened cage.

They are shaken into a hive previously installed to receive the bees. A nucleus colony is a small colony of bees held in a transportation box which includes a queen and frames covered with bees and containing brood and honey. This is the most popular way to download. Established colonies are full colonies with frames with bees and brood.

Attendance management system project pdf

They are the most expensive but require less labour to develop. An apiary is a group of colonies in a location The main considerations in selecting a location to establish an apiary include: The site is away from animals and humans Good air circulation and drainage Close to flowering plants and extracting facilities Away from pesticides and with exposure to morning sun Wind protection and vehicle accessibility Hive Installation within the apiary Hives should be placed on stands behind fences or natural barriers.

Uneven placement of hives and use of landmarks and different hive colours help bees find their hive when returning from foraging trips If you want an urban apiary you must provide water sites for the bees and prevent swarming Unit 8: Managing the Bees Colony Inspection and Manipulations Colonies are inspected to verify that they are in good condition or to correct problems.

It is best to inspect colonies during warm sunny days because most of the bees will be out foraging. It is also easier to manage bees during a nectar flow than in times of dearth. Puff smoke into the hive entrance then wait a few seconds then take the top off the hive.

Pry up the inner cover and fill hive with more smoke A brood chamber is composed of 1 or 2 boxes, start examining the lower box and free the propolis sealed frames before removing them using the hive tool Remove a frame near the outside.

Don’t go! We have so much more to offer!

These frames usually contain honey. Leave this frame outside the hive during inspections to provide space to inspect other frames in the hive. Reading the Frames Once a frame is removed from the hive, inspect it while holding it above the open hive. Several frames are removed for inspection You should observe the sealed brood with no signs of disease, honey and pollen reserves, presence of queen cells, which could indicate the queen is missing, queen supersedure or swarming.

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Felipe Magaive (felipemagaive) on Pinterest

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