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    The key to understanding the meaning behind all of these symbols is found in the translation NEW. WORLD. ORDER by. A. Ralph Epperson. (This material has been reconstructed () from thanks is given to A. Ralph Epperson for his erudite work). Full text of "A. Ralph Epperson The New World Order Pdf". See other formats. by A. Ralph Epperson The Great Seal of The Unites States with a pyramid, eagle.

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    The New World Order By Ralph Pdf

    A. Ralph Epperson The New World Order Pdf. Topics The new world A must reading book. bevitopipen.tkppersonTheNewWorldOrderPdf. The New World Order. Epperson. Usage Public Domain. Topics education and non-commercial. Collectionopensource. Language. THE. NEW WORLD. ORDER. Whether it is attainable, how it can be attained, and what sort world peace; already we have had far too much abolition of war.

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    Besides, there are two other types of persons required forfinancial scrutiny: 1 staff or servants of PEPs, who received transfers of securities orhuge amounts of money larger than their relationship could suggest; and 2 any otherperson having no relationship with PEPs but received the transfer of securities orproperties from PEPs. And lastly, I would like the reader to understand that Ihave attempted to keep my comments and or opinions to aminimum in this book.

    I believe that the evidence that I willpresent stands on its own and should be adequate to convinceeven the most ardent skeptic. It will need little if anyexplanation from me. In summary, then, I am hopeful that the reader will agreewith me that I have succeeded in exposing a monumental truththat has escaped the overwhelming majority of the historians ofthe past.

    However, that does notmean that the evidence is incorrect; it merely indicates thatmost people will consider those conclusions to be simply too incredibleto be believed. But, because of the implications for the future of not onlythe United States but of the world, if I am correct, it is imperativethat this material be considered, by as many as is possible. For this reason, I have attempted to keep the contents of thisbook as readable as I could.

    I am hopeful that each reader will be as dutiful as theaverage jury member. Anyone who has served on a jury willremember being admonished by the judge to remain open asthey consider the evidence to be presented throughout the trial. The juror is instructed to ignore any previous prejudices and tocarefully weigh the evidence presented.

    I can ask no more. My goal is to have a positive impact on reversing the plansof those who are altering our future. Obviously, to accomplishthat task, I must convince as many as I can that I am correctin my assertions. I am therefore hopeful that each reader of this materialwill accept my challenge and remember the admonition of thejudge: be honestly open and dutifully consider the evidence thatwill presented.

    Today's newspapers are full of stories about the rampantrise in divorce rates; the increasing abuse of children by someparents; increases in the incidence of rape; pornography beingread by an increasing number of people; more crimes againstproperty; demands for world government; urgings for nationalborders to fall; Christian churches being closed because theywill not seek licensing by the state; etc. But why are these things happening?

    Why are all of thelegacies of the past, the family, national borders, the right topractice any chosen religion, the right to private property,amongst other things, under such attack? Is it possible thatthere are actually people and organizations who really wantto change the basic order of things?

    Clues to the answers to these questions can be gleanedfrom some comments made by people and organizations thatare talking about these wide-reaching changes in the natureof our lifestyle. National socialism will use its own revolutionfor the establishing of a new world order. We are barbarians, and barbarians wewish to remain. It does us honor. It is we who willrejuvenate the world.

    The present world is near its end. Our only taskis to sack it. Hitler was quoted as saying:"He who has seen in National Socialism only apolitical movement has seen nothing. It took the followingposition about the need for the wealthy governments to sharetheir wealth with the less fortunate nations:"It is the moral obligation of the developednations to provide — through an internationalauthority James H.

    What is new is the belief that a perfect secular[meaning worldly] order will emerge from the forcibleoverthrow of traditional authority. Skinner has beencalled " So the world should listen tothe professor when he speaks. The magazine told the readerwhat the message of Professor Skinner's book was:"We can no longer afford freedom, and so it mustbe replaced with control over man, his conduct and hisculture.

    This new civilization brings with it new family styles;changed ways of working, loving and living; a neweconomy; new political conflicts; and beyond all this analtered consciousness as well.

    The dawn of this new civilization is the singlemost explosive fact of our lifetimes. Carl Sagan. He has observed:"It's clear that sometime relatively soon in terms ofthe lifetime of the human species people will identifywith the entire planet and the species Hall, perhaps the world's leadingauthority on esoteric words and language.

    He wrote:"Never will peace reign upon the earth until we areruled by the fit. Hall even indicated that these changes would occursoon. He wrote this comment in his book previously cited:"One hundred years ago [meaning in ] it waspredicted that within a few centuries men would revertto the gods of Plato and Aristotle We may all look forward with eager anticipation tothat nobler day when the gods of philosophy once moreshall rule the world The picture showed a demonstratorcarrying a picket sign that read:"Uncle Sam, we want you to support us.

    Huxley gave us a date when we could expect thesechanges to occur. He wrote the following in his book writtenin " There seems to be no good reason why athoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever beoverthrown. He wrote thefollowing in his book entitled BETWEEN TWO AGES:"Either or " -- the two hundredthanniversary of the Constitution — could serve as asuitable target date for culminating a nationaldialogue on the relevance of existing arrangements,the workings of the representative process, and thedesirability of imitating the various Europeanregionalization reforms and of streamlining theadministrative structure.

    Those in favor of the changes will have become seatedin the very thrones of power, generally without thepublic realizing that fact;2. The "old world order" will be destroyed piece by piece,by a series of planned "nibbles" at the establishedformat.

    The Communist Party is actively supporting the changesto the "new world order. If the slower, methodical techniques of change do notfunction, violence will be introduced and controlled by theplanners.

    The people of the world will give up their freedom to the"controllers" because there will be a planned famine, or someother serious occurrence, such as a depression or war. The change to the "New World Order" is coming shortly,perhaps beginning after However, if that is not theyear, it will be introduced one step at a time, so that theentire structure will be in place by the year And many sense that changes in this nation's lifestyle areoccurring.

    The newspapers are saturated with articles reporting theactivities of those advocating increased governmental spendingfor a variety of unconstitutional purposes; organizationssupporting a globalism concept urge the world to adopt a oneworld government; psychologists preaching the destruction ofthe family unit and recommending that the society rear thenation's children; governments closing private schools; andnations forming regional governments under which nationalborders are scheduled to disappear.

    Since these changes appear to be part of the newphilosophy known as "the new world order," anyone desiringto know the future has to become familiar with this newphrase and what it portends for the world of tomorrow.

    He is on record as saying:"World government is coming. In fact, it isinevitable. No arguments for it or against it canchange that fact. One of the earliest formal organizations that supportedthe concept of that goal was the Illuminati, founded onMay 1st, , by Adam Weishaupt, a teacher of Canon Lawat the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria, now part of Germany.

    Title: Ralph epperson the new world order

    Professor Weishaupt was quoted as saying:"It is necessary to establish a universal regimeand empire over the whole world This world wide fraternity has members inAmerica, as will be discussed, and they, too, support a callfor a one world government. Pike has been praised by his fellow Masons as a memberalmost without parallel in the history of the Masonic Order.

    Carl Claudy, himself a Masonic writer of great esteem, wrotethis about him:"Albert Pike: one of the greatest geniuses Freemasonryhas ever known. He was a mystic, a symbolist,a teacher of the hidden truths of Freemasonry. Pikespeaks, he speaks with authority and knowledge.

    He isperhaps the greatest Masonic writer of all time. There seems to be adifference of opinion as to whether or not this book is stillrequired reading for each Scottish Rite Mason. This writerwas told that it was given to each Scottish Rite Mason inTucson. Other Masons say that that is not true.

    In it, heinforms the new Mason about the moral teachings of the MasonicLodge. He instructs the Masonic reader that the Orderwill eventually be asked to rule the entire globe. He wrote:" Pike was writing about wasthe Knights Templar, which was, according to him,"devoted to the cause of opposition to the tiara [thePope's triple crown] and the crowns of Kings Pike said that the Catholic Church was a "power ofevil But the major point of that quote is that these forces ofopposition, presumably meaning the Masons, are marching"onward toward the conquest of the world.

    The New Age Movement. Texe Marrs, a researcher into this new religion, haswritten two books on the subject. Both of these books areexcellent primers for those who wish to know more about thebeliefs of this religion.

    He has written:"The New Age Movement has undeniably takenon the definite form of a religion, complete with anagreed-upon body of doctrine, printed scripture, apattern of worship and ritual, a functioning group ofministers and lay leaders.

    One is a womannamed Alice Bailey, a prolific writer on the subject of theNew Age. She was the founder of an organization called theArcane School, one of the major Lucis Trust divisions. TheLucis Trust was a major publisher of books supporting thereligion.

    She identified them as being:"The three main channels through which thepreparation for the New Age is going on might beregarded as the Church, the Masonic Fraternity andthe educational field. There are numerous works byother writers exposing the involvement of the Church and theeducational field in the New Age Movement, so this writerwill not attempt to duplicate those efforts. However, only afew are aware of the involvement of the Masons, and that iswhy I have chosen to concentrate on that organization.

    In Freemasonryis imbedded the core of the secret of the occultMysteries. The Masons admit in some of their writings that they tooare anticipating a new age, a series of major changes.

    The New World Order by Ralph Epperson

    HenryClausen, the past Sovereign Grand Commander the equivalentof their President of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,has been quoted as saying:"We look towards a transforming into a New Ageusing, however, the insight and wisdom of the ancientmystics.

    Humanity today does not possess thisknowledge, but it has become the task of the Masons, andother "truth" seekers, to rediscover these principles for thebenefit of all of mankind.

    Those possessing this knowledgewill correct the world's current problems. Some of the Masonsalso claim to have identified the cause of these problems.

    One of the most prolific writers on the subject of this"lost" truth is Manly P. Hall, a 33rd degree Mason. For those unfamiliar with the Masonic degrees, allMasons in America start through what is called the BlueLodge, consisting of three degrees.

    The initiate into this lodgegoes through three separate and different initiation ceremonies,one for each degree. After completing these ceremonies,he may stay where he is, or choose to affiliate himselfwith either the York Rite or the Scottish Rite. The latter isdivided into two separate jurisdictions, the Southern and theNorthern. These are based primarily on state borders, andwhether one joins one or the other depends on where the initiatelives.

    The two Scottish rites have an additional 29degrees, making for a total of There is one more degree,called the 33rd degree, which is honorary, and only a few areinvited into that degree. The York Rite has a total of nine degrees. However, sincelittle has been revealed about this order, the author willconcentrate on only the Scottish Rite, and in particular, theSouthern Jurisdiction.

    This is his comment about the comingchanges:"A new day is dawning for Freemasonry. Fromthe insufficiency of theology and the hopelessness ofmaterialism, men are turning to seek the God of philosophy. Hall has said that current "theology," obviouslycurrent "religion," has proven insufficient.

    Also, hefeels that "materialism," meaning the right to private property,is also a failure. But more importantly, he points out thatthis new "God" of the Freemasons is somehow different fromthe God of the Jews and Christians. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, perhaps the founder of thecurrent New Age movement, has also determined that theMasons are somehow supportive of her religious views.

    In , she founded an organization called theTheosophical Society, basically dedicated to teaching theworld about her new secret religion.

    Hall is right, the "evils" that his fellow Mason AlbertPike saw are connected to current religion, and thatwhich is coming is somehow different from those religiousviews.

    Hall, who as mentioned previously is another 33rddegree Mason, also wrote that a new day was coming, andthat it was not too far into the future:"A new light is breaking in the east; [the significanceof the location, "the east," will be pointed outlater] a more glorious day is at hand. Hall is also expecting that these changes areabout to occur in the not too distant future.

    A. Ralph Epperson The New World Order Pdf

    Someone who attempted to zero in on when these changeswere expected to occur was Alice Bailey, previously mentioned. She wrote about when she thought the New Agewould arrive:"Eventually, there will appear the Church Universal,and its definite outlines will appear towardsthe close of this century.

    This estimate of that date is nottoo far wrong, as will be demonstrated later in this book. Whatever is coming in the future, some New Agers havetold us that they expect that it will last for a long time. Onesuch writer is Ruth Montgomery, who wrote that she sawthat the new religion would rule the earth for a thousandyears. She wrote that these werethe basic tenets of the new religion A universal credit card system will be implemented.

    A world food authority will control all of theworld's food supply. A universal tax. A universal draft. They intend on utterly rooting out people whobelieve the Bible and worship God and tocompletely stamp out Christianity.

    Here Mrs. Cumbey says that they see not onlyCatholicism as the enemy, they also see all of Christianity asan enemy.

    Whatever the New Agers believe in, it appears to begrowing in popularity. Bantam Books, one of this nation'sleading publishing houses, has reported that the sales of theirNew Age titles has increased tenfold in the past decade. Timemagazine reports that the number of New Age bookstores hasdoubled in the past five years, to a total of about 2, But perhaps the most insightful comment about the natureof what the New Age religion believed in, and who theyworshipped as their god, was written by Mrs.

    She wrote that they had:" Cumbey and the other writers on the subjectare right, the New Age Movement needs to be studied insome depth. These are the two religions that set theUnited States on its course because these religions taughtthat mankind had some basic human rights.

    They held thatthe family was the basic unit in all of the world; theybelieved in the right to private property; they believed in theinalienable defined as being incapable of being surrendered right to life; they held that each person had the right toworship their god; and they held that all had the right tofreedom of association.

    As shall be documented in this study,these positions, which were deemed to be "self-evident" bythose who wrote the American Declaration of Independenceand the Constitution, became the cornerstones of theAmerican civilization. Pike Page 27 and H Page 43 and Chapter 5Secret Societies"An invisi Page 55 and Chapter 10Becoming a GodWhat does t Page 97 and But there Page and Chapter 15The IlluminatiThe thought Page and Hall t Page and B Page and Chapter 19The FreemasonsAn article Page and They be Page and Rober Page and Chapter 26The HumanistsThere is a r Page and Chapter 27Situation Ethics"If we ar Page and Footnoteswhere the book cited is im Page and Footnotesteaching and practice conc Page and THE A Page and Close Flag as Inappropriate.

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